Frequently Asked Questions - Artists


What kind of places will I be showcasing at?

We build partnerships with many local businesses yet at the same time our primary relationships are offices, hotels, condos and independent companies. At Younify we know you want a professional secure setting that will let you grow as an artist. We also coordinate event and gallery show collaborations that host local artists with sponsors. 

How will my artwork be delivered?

We have a team of dedicated loving people that personally handle every piece with care. We start by making sure each piece is inspected and documented then wrapped in all appropriate transit packaging material with corner protectors, acid free paper and plastic wrap. As the art is safely secure, we ship via cargo van in our special delivery bed custom built to hold artistic pieces. 

When someone wants to buy my art how will it be processed?


How do you document my art on your network?


How will my work be installed?


As a member do I have any obligations?


Am I legally responsible for anything?


On each painting we have our email Once we are contacted we will put it on hold for 24 hours and process the payment for you.We then swap out the existing art for a new one. We will immediately notify you and process the transaction to distribute your funds at your convenience. 


We will personally work with you to organize all the media you have. If you need assistance documenting any of your work by photographs and or scanning we provide support and all the tools necessary to do this. We then take your content and plug it into our network gallery on our website where people can purchase your art directly.


Our team of loving professionals handle each piece with care. If the artist is inclined, they can assist in the the installation process yet we provide a full service installment. Varying from establishment the hanging procedure depends on what is allowed for installation. Some walls may consist of: sheet rock, brick, wood or metal. With these variables there are also beams, rafters and pillars. Depending on these variables the best hanging method may involve one or more screw(s), nail(s), bracket(s), steel wire(s) and aluminum or steel brackets.. We use such tools as hammers, drills, rubber mallets, measuring tape, levels, stud finders, ladders and gloves.

As an artist you do not have and initial obligations except to keep effective communication with collaboration in a professional and timely manner. We will be immediate contact with you regarding art sales, scheduling, documentation, transit and delivery as well as any promotions and or events. There is also a booking fee for venue setup yet all other management, setup, delivery and marketing is free.



There are no legal responsibilities on your behalf yet every artist will sign an agreement contract stating you showcasing your artwork with art younify as your coordinator curator. It states that art younify, establishments and or any representatives are not held legally liable for any damage to artwork and or the establishments. There is also a 20% of sales collected per transaction for local charities, organizations and processing.


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