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...creating living moments through art.

     At Art Younify we create opportunities for everyone. We strive to connect the community through art and make a difference in people's lives. By connecting local professional establishments with artists we are able to make an environment were you can flourish.


  • We connect you to new, professional establishment every 31 days to showcase your artwork.

  • Our team handles delivery and setup including hanging and supplies.

  • We handle all scheduling, sales transactions and provide you a network; so you can focus on your craft.

  • Once you're a member, we'll send your showcase schedule and we handle everything else.

  • All you pay is the 20% commission for processing

Just fill out our Artist application and we will contact you via email to get started!

Getting Started 



We believe all art is beautiful and has meaning, yet we do strive to uphold a standard of quality, as we present art to the public. We serve and welcome everyone to reach out and see if you qualify.


Displaying Artwork


As a member you have the option to showcase your prints and or originals. You also have the option to sell or just display a portion of your work. When a piece of work is sold we assist in the transaction from start to finish to make your time selling artwork is fast and easy.


Scheduling, delivery and setup


We will notify you promptly as showcases change for delivery and scheduling setup. Our team also handles all items with proper loving care and uses full safety measures when installing pieces including transit.



Younify Artist FAQ


1: What kind of establishments will I be showcasing at?

We build partnerships with many local businesses yet at the same time our primary relationships are offices, hotels, condos and independent companies. We also coordinate event and gallery show collaborations that host local artists with sponsors. At Younify we know you want a professional secure setting that will let you grow as an artist.

2: How will my artwork be delivered?

We have a team of dedicated loving people that personally handle every piece with care. We start by making sure each piece is inspected and documented then wrapped in all appropriate transit packaging material. As the art is safely secure, we ship via cargo van in our special delivery bed custom built to hold artistic pieces. 

3: When someone wants to purchase an art piece how will it be processed?

As artwork is displayed there will be a accompanied phone QR code that will bring the viewer to your art piece ready to purchase from your profile. As it is purchased at the end of the 31 day cycle, the customer can receive the art. We will immediately notify you and process the transaction to distribute your funds at your convenience. 

View our full Artist FAQ.

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