Frequently Asked Questions - Partners


Why would I place community art in my business?

With your support you are providing an welcoming environment for your staff and clients. Company morale goes hand in hand with efficiency. At the same time by supporting Art Younify you are not only helping the community but bringing beautiful quality art to your establishment. All art is hand selected and processed to best suit your needs. We carefully work with artists to ensure you have the perfect environment to better your business.

Can my clients and  employees purchase the art?

Yes absolutely, all art is public for sale. On each painting we have our email Once we are contacted we will put it on hold for 24 hours and process the payment for you. We also offer immediate delivery at your convenience. We then swap out the existing art for a new one.

Can I control what art is placed?

Yes definitely, currently we bring a wide variety of different styles and mediums. We work with you to curate what is best for your office, with your approval. As we build our programs we will continue to bring you new ways for you to select art and find exactly what you need.

After I sign  up what happens next?

What is the installation process of hanging art?

Once you sign up, we have a free one time meeting to curate the best hanging and placing for your establishment. After selecting how much sq. ft of art you want, we handle the rest. We come back at your best convenience and setup all the art for you fast and efficiently.

We use the upmost care and responsibility when handling all art pieces in your establishment. Using the approved installation method that you select, we quickly setup to never disrupt your work flow. If your business has brick, drywall, stone, wood, beams etc., we work with all layouts. As well we will never use heavy materials, just one quick hook and beautiful work is displayed in your office.

How much does it cost?

We offer very affordable options and work with you exclusively to curate the best method and price. Your consultation is always free to get you setup. With our help you can decide what you need for clients and employees. One time meeting and initial installation.

Do I have any legal obligations?

As a individual or business you are not legally held responsible for damages to artwork. We provide a terms of agreement that covers our services for you. Contact us on our partner sign up to speak to one our representatives today to get started.

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