Moving, Living, Breathing Art

 We supply your establishment with organic, authentic art every month with zero liability and management on your end.

We work directly with the community to bring you a cycle of changing art from artists to create a welcoming business environment for everyone.

We handle all the logistics.

You select how much sq.ft of art you want.

Easy Setup, one-time meeting, and of course, personal selection of the best hanging method, and spacing of the pieces.

As an added bonus, by working with Art Younify, you help  provide much needed donations and support to the community - allowing artists, including young ones, to thrive and grow their talent. 

Just sign up now for more information or a FREE consultation to find what best suites your needs.

...the key element is changing the perspective of the art space

Featured Artists

T Tinney 1 .png

Teresa Tinney 


David Lamplugh


Hannah Reinhold

Younify Partner FAQ


1. Why would I place community art in my business?

With your support you are providing an welcoming environment for your staff and clients. Company morale goes hand in hand with efficiency. At the same time by supporting Art Younify you are not only helping the community but bringing beautiful quality art to your establishment. All art is hand selected and processed to best suit your needs. We carefully work with artists to ensure you have the perfect environment to better your business.

2. Can my clients and employees purchase the art?

Yes absolutely, all art is public for sale. All art will have a small QR code next to the piece along with name and title that can be scanned. The link will instantly bring the buyer to the artists profile to purchase online. Once the piece is purchased we handle the rest. At the end of the 31 day cycle, the buyer may take the piece and we add more fresh art to your business.

3. Can I control what art is placed?

Currently we bring a wide variety of different styles and mediums. While art is not selected by a partner, we will work with you to best curate what would be best for your office, with your approval. We handle all the logistics. As we build our programs we will continue to bring you new ways for you to select art and find exactly what you need.

view our full Partner FAQ.