Solutions For Our Future

We provide full curation, coordination and developmental infrastructure management for organizations and businesses. We then use these resources to build strong networks to sustain long lasting partnerships. We also provide small business consultation and develop internal frameworks for workshop programs, curriculum and events. Art younify’s mission is to bring financial and management solutions to creators, businesses and serve the community.


Partnership Goals 

There are many services we provide and work with you to find the best suited partnership for your needs.

Gallery and event showcases

We set up pop up galleries and events and handle all curation and coordination. Seasonal and quarterly showcases, company gatherings, themed or highlighted community interactive discussions involving theater, art, business, activism, dance, poetry and music.  

Internal workshops

We develop educational programs along with open door donation based creator workshop series. At our conservatory we offer curriculum that is curated by us or the community itself which we facilitate. The open door donation option is paved for community leaders, developers and teachers to host their workshops as we collect a percentage to facilitate. If the entity has groups, individuals or organizations that need a home or to collaborate as a partnership we also have the resource tools available.

Networking and data sharing

As we extend our client base, we create exchanges so we can mutually financially benefit. Along with building connections, creator networks or active artists, we facilitate data reports to bring extensive knowledge and tools for all of us together to find solutions for tomorrow.   

Fundraisers and large art projects

We organize fundraiser events in collaboration with other local establishments, civil or businesses. We also manage the curation and coordination while generating donation sponsorships.


Art For your Establishment

  • We supply your establishment with organic, authentic art every month with zero liability and management on your end.

  • We work directly with the community to bring you a cycle of changing art from artists to create a welcoming business environment for everyone.

  • We handle all the logistics.

  • You just select how much sq.ft of art you want.

  • Easy Setup, one-time meeting, and of course, personal selection of the best hanging method, and spacing of the pieces.

  • As an added bonus, by working with Art Younify, you help  provide much needed donations and support to the community - allowing artists, including young ones, to thrive and grow their talent. 

  • Just sign up now for more information or a FREE consultation to find what best suites your needs.

Artisan and Farmers markets

Our markets consist of a network of artisans, farmers and suppliers that bring the community  true value. We handle all the logistics, coordinating and marketing to bring you a simple streamlined  market that highlights the local community. We are making Austin the leading city in proactive  involvement and to maintain our self sustainability to lower the costs of goods and services. By having  local neighborhoods participating in markets, it creates a progressive environment that will help build  strong bonds including financially. We strive to bring a diverse, fun culture that benefits local businesses  and organizations while creating a new way to buy and sell goods for the community.

Services and benefits for you:   

  • We will manage everything from start to finish. 

  • Just pick a date that is suitable for you and we handle everything else. We take care of every last detail so you don't have to worry.  

  • We handle all contracts and contacts 

  • We find and coordinate the best vendors suited for the local community to truly make a difference in what each neighborhood needs.  

  • We make sure all the vendors and patrons have what is needed to make a organized, safe and fun environment is created. 

  • We handle all clean up and bring all our own supplies to completely setup with a swift take down.     

  • We cross promote our markets including your establishments visa Facebook, Instagram and social outlets to help create a wide audience.    

  • We give you what you expect to truly make a self sustainable city with a beautiful community.

...the key element is changing the perspective of the art space

Featured Artists

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Teresa Tinney


David Lamplugh


Hannah Reinhold